Monday, December 12, 2016

NEW Mini Bike Springer Front End for Azusa Parts Builds!

We are introducing something here that those who frequent our site have been watching and waiting for - A springer front end that is especially made for mini bikes at .
 Fashioned after the Azusa mini bike front end mounting brackets, it will fit most mini bikes that are out there with a 5/8" x 5-1/2" mounting bolt.

You will instantly see how it dresses up what you already have and this fully - functioning, smoothly operating springer is just what the doctor ordered. Marketed as an Azusa front fork replacement, it will also fit most other brands.

As we all grew up and have enjoyed all of the various builds through the years, this springer will adorn anything you've done to your bike already, and make it the 'one in the crowd' that everyone swoons over.

Arrives bare metal so that you can give it the finish that YOU want it to have, either paint, chrome powder coat or nickel chrome. No matter which you choose, you'll love it for it's rugged design and smooth riding functionality. Looks SO tough mounted that you'll never want to return your machine to what it is now.
Just add your own finish, axle, wheel and handlebars and you're off and running!

We have also finally made our parts website at a bulk ordering venue for all of you that get hammered each time you need a lot of parts at the same time. As long as your PARTS total is $100 or more, you will save quite a substantial amount each and every time you shop there. The pricing structure is such that you can compare the total with ANY other parts site and plainly see that you're at the right place. If you EVER have any questions about any of our parts, shipping or any other issues, feel free to contact us at 651-263-3220 and fire away with your questions. Our knowledgeable staff members are eager to help you any way they can.

We hope you'll come by either site mentioned above - Come see us and come often! Management.

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